Tan Ngoc Toan provides specialized equipment and tools in the conference center, wedding banquet, kitchen, restaurant, bar, hotels, resorts, luxury apartments, cruises, tourism school … Besides, Tan Ngoc Toan is also a leading provider of luxury party packages at home (luxurycatering.com) with 5 star standard will bring you the service satisfaction as well as the advanced and modern equipment.


With its pioneering aspirations and experience in the hospitality industry, Tan Ngoc Toan strives to become a consultant – providing prestigious services and specialized equipment and tools in the conference, wedding, restaurant, hotel-is the most trustful in Vietnam.



We are committed to providing products and services with international quality, reasonable prices, diversification to meet the needs of investors that is contributing to the brand appearance, architecture, interior design, specific equipment in the chain Restaurant – Hotel, Convention Center – Wedding


Customer is focus: All Tan Ngoc Toan activities are geared to customers. All employees put themselves in the customer position  to understand to consult the best products and services for customers.

Innovation – Creation:Tan Ngoc Toan continuously diversify products and improve service quality in order to serve customers in the best and most attentive manner. The staffs always accompany, introduce and advise customers to multiform products and services that are effectively bringing the brand value to them.


Quality: Tan Ngoc To honor this value with the aim of building trust by quality products and services, commitment to all partners will always ensure the quality is the first target and getting the increasing demand of customers.